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Lifelike Artificial Plants

Enhance Your Interiors with Lifelike Artificial Plants


In many interior settings, creating character and charm is essential. Artificial plants are the perfect solution for achieving this, whether you need a delicate hanging trail or a large leafy plant. At FireSilx, we offer a range of lifelike artificial plants that can transform any space.


Our artificial plants are not just visually stunning; they also eliminate the need for time-consuming maintenance. This is particularly advantageous for businesses in fast-paced industries such as shops, stores, and restaurants. With artificial plants, there’s no concern about their appearance deteriorating over time, as they won’t wither, wilt, or lose their beauty.


Safety is paramount in any commercial environment. That’s why we offer our FireSilx option, a range of products tested and certified to meet worldwide standards, including BS EN 13501-1 and DIN 4102-1. FireSilx adds an extra layer of protection to your space, as these products are inherently fire retardant.


In the event of a fire, FireSilx products don’t fuel the flames; instead, they self-extinguish within ten seconds. This remarkable fire-retardant feature is infused into the products during the manufacturing process, providing peace of mind for every project they’re involved in while maintaining their stunning appearance. 



FireSilx products are made to last and guaranteed for life.

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