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Safe And Secure

FireSilx Inherently Fire Retardant Foliage



  • Designed with Commercial Excellence in Mind

FireSilx’s inherently fire retardant range of lifelike artificial trees, plants, and foliage is meticulously designed for commercial use. These products not only offer a stunning aesthetic but, more importantly, they ensure a safe environment for guests, customers, and businesses.


  • Uncompromising Fire Safety

When it comes to designing commercial and public spaces, fire safety is paramount. Opting for non-FireSilx Fire Retardant (FR) products can potentially result in catastrophic damage. Our FireSilx range provides an unrivalled level of fire safety that you can rely on.


  • Trusted Brand for Peace of Mind

FireSilx is a trusted brand that brings peace of mind and safety to every project. If you’re in search of captivating yet secure environments, look no further than FireSilx.


  • Certified for Building and Construction

Our FireSilx products are meticulously tested and certified to meet stringent fire safety standards, including BS EN 13501-1 and DIN 4102-1. With FireSilx, you can rest assured that your commercial space complies with the most rigorous safety requirements.


  • Inherently Fire Retardant Materials

FireSilx products are manufactured using inherently fire retardant materials. They are specifically engineered not to promote the spread of flames but, instead, self-extinguish within a mere 10 seconds, providing a crucial layer of fire protection.


  • Guaranteed Fire Retardant Properties for Life

With FireSilx, you never have to worry about re-proofing or replacing your fire-retardant foliage. Our FireSilx FR properties are guaranteed for life, and official FR certification is included with every order, ensuring long-lasting fire safety.


  • The Top Choice for Designers, Landscapers, and Merchandisers

For designers, landscapers, and merchandisers seeking to bring their projects to life with safety as the utmost priority, FireSilx has been the number one choice. With a track record of excellence, FireSilx is the ideal partner for creating stunning, secure commercial spaces.



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