Why is FR Foliage Important?

Of all the potential disasters that can strike a business, fire has the potential to be the most destructive. That’s why fire safety should always be considered a top priority for any commercial or residential project. FireSilx FR foliage is engineered to self-extinguish as soon as it is removed from the flame, preventing the growth or spread of fire.

Non-FireSilx Foliage

In most countries around the world, commercial locations such as hotels, malls and restaurants, have specific codes in place relating to the use of artificial trees and plants. These regulations often prohibit the use of untreated foliage due to its highly flammable nature, and tendency to accelerate the speed at which fire spreads throughout the property.

Re-proofing with FR sprays

In the interest of saving money, maintaining the highest level of realism, and of course safety, it’s important to understand the difference between surface treated foliage and inherently flame retardant foliage. Unlike its higher quality counterpart, surface treated foliage obtains its FR properties through post-spraying or dipping. The inconsistent and greasy film not only attracts dust particles, but it will also wear away over time. As a result, the treatment must be reapplied on a yearly basis to ensure the plant continues to comply with safety regulations.

Reliability and Peace of Mind

With FireSilx, you can expect incredibly lifelike products indistinguishable from living plants, but without any hassle or maintenance. Unlike the inconsistent coating on surface treated artificial foliage, our products have been engineered to resist ignition even when exposed to high temperatures or naked flames for an extended period of time.

What is FireSilx Foliage?

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