Why Choose FireSilx?

If you’re looking to create a stunning, yet safe environment, look no further than FireSilx. For over 30 years, we’ve been developing innovative new products and materials that ensure all of our artificial foliage is fit for purpose, without compromising on aesthetics. Our premium quality and unrivalled customer service has attracted the attention of notable clients around the world, including the Four Seasons in Bahrain and Europa Park in Germany.

Unmatched Protection ✓

FireSilx products are inherently fire retardant right down to a molecular level. With no need for costly re-application, our FR properties are guaranteed for life.

Official testing certification ✓

Having undergone rigorous testing in internationally accredited laboratories around the world, FireSilx has passed more fire safety tests than any other supplier.

Leading FR Foliage Supplier ✓

FireSilx has long been the #1 choice for designers, landscapers and merchandisers looking to bring their projects to life.

Tested to building & construction standards

FireSilx is the only artificial foliage tested and certified to meet building and construction standards, including BS EN 13501 and DIN 4102. What’s more, we provide official certification with every purchase, tied to your sales order with all purchased products listed.

Guaranteed For life

Only ever manufactured with grade A virgin materials, every FireSilx product is guaranteed to remain lifelike and looking its best for its entire lifetime.

What is FireSilx?

Why is FR foliage important?

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Looking for some assistance?

Ask our friendly team. If you have any questions about FireSilx, our products or the services we offer, we are more than happy to help! Simply fill in the enquiry form and a member of the team will get back to you.