Inherently Fire Retardant Artificial Foliage Used By Professionals All Over The World

Artificial foliage designed to be fire safe

Create Stunning and safe environment

FireSilx foliage is inherently fire retardant, and wont promote the spread of flames. It’s FR properties are unmatched, and official lab certified certificates are supplied with every FireSilx Order.

What is FireSilx Foliage?

Inherently flame retardant lifelike artificial trees, plants & foliage, guaranteed for life and designed to keep your guests, customers and businesses safe.

Why is FR Important?

Fire safety is of utmost concern when designing for commercial and public spaces. Using non-FireSilx FR products could lead to catastrophic damage.

Why Choose FireSilx?

FireSilx is a trusted brand ensuring peace of mind and safety in every project. If you’re looking for stunning, yet safe environments, look no further.